The Mobile Traveler Logo

A logo I created for a youtube creator. I implemented symbols of his mobile lifestyle of being on the road.

Toba Direct Website

I created a website that was geared to showcase light show fountains that can be used in pools or ponds. The logo and branding was also created by me.

Adalante Air Website

Adalante air is a great company and I wanted to create a website that’s soul purpose was for the customer to contact them and learn about the company. They needed to be able to edit the site themselves so we created the website with an easy interface. I also created their logo and branding.

Jan Holt Massage

Created Logo, and layout of a business card for a client. I love this logo since it is symbolic in many ways. It is a dove symbolizing peace and serenity and also a hand which incorporates the idea of massage.


Toba Fountains Website

We created the logo, all marketing material, packaging, and two websites complete with a custom Flash video for the marketing website and a secure storefront for the sales site.

View the marketing site here.

View the sales site here.