The Mobile Traveler Logo

A logo I created for a youtube creator. I implemented symbols of his mobile lifestyle of being on the road.


A character I have been working on.

Chibi Illustration

I enjoy the simplicity of chibi illustrations and wanted to try my hand at it.  I enjoyed using the mixed media of water color and digital artwork.

Adalante Air Website

Adalante air is a great company and I wanted to create a website that’s soul purpose was for the customer to contact them and learn about the company. They needed to be able to edit the site themselves so we created the website with an easy interface. I also created their logo and branding.

Fullerton Coupon Book

This was a large publication that showcased Fullerton’s finest. It was fun to illustrate in this style. This is a rendering of Downtown Fullerton, CA. It was done in vector using Illustrator and layout was done in Indesign.