Gift Card

Created a card that promotes a clients services in an effective campaign.

Fun Lov’n Poster

This was created to promote a valentine themed event for a non profit organization.

Fullerton Coupon Book

This was a large publication that showcased Fullerton’s finest. It was fun to illustrate in this style. This is a rendering of Downtown Fullerton, CA. It was done in vector using Illustrator and layout was done in Indesign.

Jan Holt Massage

Created Logo, and layout of a business card for a client. I love this logo since it is symbolic in many ways. It is a dove symbolizing peace and serenity and also a hand which incorporates the idea of massage.



A piece I created that featured the company’s abilities.

Outside of the brochure
Inside of the brochure

Toba Fountains Website

We created the logo, all marketing material, packaging, and two websites complete with a custom Flash video for the marketing website and a secure storefront for the sales site.

View the marketing site here.

View the sales site here.