Our Services

What we do:

How does it work?

Learning about you and your business:

We listen to you and try to find a solution for your needs. We learn enough for an estimate, a proposal and to see if we’re a good match.

Should we work together? If the answer is yes, we sign an agreement and schedule you in.

What we need from you:

You bring us your content. For some, this is the painful part, the sticking point that halts a project. But content is the core of your site, and it must be just right. What activity or response do you want to encourage; what story do you want to tell, and what sort of “voice” will tell it?

We also ask for wire-frames that show us what you want on each page of your site. These details help us fine-tune the cost of your site and lead us to the design phase.

Our mission:

Our job is to bring your site to life, to attract and guide your users, to communicate your message, to infuse the site with your identity, yet somehow be invisible, so your visitors are magically wowed without ever knowing how.

The process:

We take what we’ve learned about you, the services you need, your content, your wireframe, and our design sensibilities, and create an estimate. This is when you’ll first see our recommendation for the “look and feel” of your site.

After approval we create mockups. We ask for your reactions. We make changes in response to your comments—refining, finessing, and seeking the perfect solution, within the number of iterations we agree on in our contract. We recommend that you choose the smallest team possible to judge our work and make final decisions. “Design by committee” leads to below-average designs with above-average prices.