About Us

Green Design is dedicated to providing clients with strong solutions for their Graphic Design needs. It is essential for our clients to communicate in an effective way, and Green Design provides the means of insuring effective communication from the client to the consumer.

Green Design is a one-stop shop. We offer quality design, illustration, web development and photography. We are also knowledgeable in IT solutions. This array of talents make us a wonderful solution to businesses of all sizes.

What Is The Core Of Green Design?

We are a love story. We love working together, we love our trade, we love learning and evolving as technology grows. This is what makes us tick. We also love to give clients work that exceed their expectations.

Jennifer is the artist and graphic designer, with a bachelor of science degree in graphic design from the Art Institute in Orange County, CA. Graphic design has been an excellent medium for her, enabling her to utilize her computer and artistic abilities.

With over 12 combined years of experience in IT and web development, Jason is excited to bring companies’ visions to the information super highway. Jason has worked for such computer corporations as Cable & Wireless, Savvis Communications, and Volt Information Sciences. Unlike most computer guys who speak in code and can not communicate with the common computer user, Jason has a soft, creative side. He is also a professional photographer who enjoys photographing landscapes and wildlife. He melds his love of web development and his strong eye for detail into each project he takes on.